WSO The first
upscale co-working
space in Belgrade.

Commenced its life in May 2020. Our goal is to become leading office solution provider for top-notch and blue chip companies in Serbia.

We are in the Central Business District of Belgrade


Nested among world’s most successful companies. Most of the businesses selected New Belgrade for country’s HQ due to superb infrastructure, easy access, proximity to the airport, 4* and 5* hotels but also great boardwalks, jogging paths and bicycle tracks.

Dedicated to you and the Enviroment

Set in LEED Gold building. We recycle. We use solar power. We optimize energy consumption.

Located in a landmarked
business complex
"Green Heart"

Restaurants, coffee’s, supermarkets, hotels, gym and other amenities are within 5 min walk

Work Space One – Providing you with the flexibility you deserve today


We are here to provide best service and offers to our clients, contact us and see why we are one of the best co-working places in the town.

Coworking is a modern style of work in an environment where several individual companies can also be found that share a working space. This type of work is characteristic for smaller companies, for independent workers who work from home and freelancers. The basic idea is that everyone can lease coworking space today or as much as it needs.

It’s not just about renting space but getting everything you need, including tables and chairs, keyboards, Wi-Fi, printer, meeting room, library, free coffee, photocopiers, and cameras. There are many coworking spaces in Serbia and we have listed them here.

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22 offices
2-10 working places

Coworking Space in Belgrade

Work Space One - Coworking space, working space, office, startup

Private offices
Meet our workspace

22 offices (2-10 working places ), contemporary designed, equipped with high speed internet, ergonomic desks and chairs, each and everyone exposed to direct sun light, access control…

We care about You

We are here to provide best service and offers to our clients, contact us and see why we are one of the best co-working places in town

  • Personalised Office Facilities
    Personalised Office Facilities
  • Personal Lockers
    Personal Lockers
  • Restaurant Next Door
    Restaurant Next Door
  • Underground Parking
    Underground Parking
  • Ultra High Speed Internet
    Ultra High Speed Internet
  • Concierge
  • Outdoor Green Area
    Outdoor Green Area
  • Kitchenette
  • Gym

Co-Working Area

Hot and

Co-working area for up to 20 people, Meeting rooms ( for 4 to 20 people) fully equipped, A kitchenet and a chill out zone, cocktails and parties and furnished outdoor green area for work or relaxation dedicated for users.

  • Workplaces: 20
Workspace One - Coworking space, working space, office, startup

Fully Equipped
meeting room

Rent our fully equipped meeting rooms for up to 20 people, for meetings, presentations and video-conference, available for external rent too.

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What our Visitors Say

At first I thought this is just anther co-working space people can rent, but among all oters I contact I decided to contact Workspace One people. I was amazed how they managed to provide best option for my workspace needs and so fast. Btw I'm starting partnership company for software development and really need modern space with all benefits available. That green zone what they call it looks cool and I know they have area where we can even make parties and cocktails


After these guys thoroughly check my request for workspace they found a solution that could suit my needs. Still haven't decided about any co-working space yet but these guys are on top of my list because they really want to provide best space and service. Oh and gym helps a lot to make me decide.


I recently started a tech company and wanted to get a place for work that would fit my specific needs. the first thing I have experienced with Workspace One people is they were very professional even when I first called them. They offered several options, asked if I have any specific demands about. they even offered a tour through their spaces so I could experience it and I must tell you I could see my self working there. Can't wait to move in. Thanks WSO, I would recommend you any time.

SEO Manager

Workspace One – Providing you with the flexibility you deserve today

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